my second WOL circle

I have finish my 2nd #WOL Circle. Wow!

I then met with Martin and we thought about how we could document the end of our WOL circle. Martin always liked the Sknetchnotes I made on various themes. Let’s try to create a sketch note. At the standing desk we thought about our circle, the thoughts in the head, the pen in the hand ….

How do you celebrate this in a virtual circle? 

This is the draft I made with Martin.

Es wurde kein Alt-Text für dieses Bild angegeben.

Martin then transformed the analog draft into a digital sketch note. I think it’s a great result!

Es wurde kein Alt-Text für dieses Bild angegeben.

I want to thank you guys:

Martin and Daniel – you were a great #WOL team! 

Thank you for the time we spent together, getting to know each other, the sharing, the solidarity and the shared experiences.I had a lot of fun!

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